A Shot of Black no. 4

Just a little sassy!

About Dee

Dee Texidors’ Creative Solutions is a Graphic Design Studio offering a very friendly, professional service. My clients can be confident that any job will be handled quickly, efficiently…

Where have I been?!

Hello hello hello echo… yes, this site has been left to wander aimlessly in the eery silence of cyberspace. I have been working full time as a Senior…


Happy shiny fun monster

I’ve uploaded new work in Design, Digital & Monsters – Enjoy!


Birds, cartoons & monsters

The Design Worlds of Dee Texidor   I’m having a wee exhibition next month, if anyone would like to come to the opening: Friday November 19th, 5.30pm, @…


Monster wall mural

Here is the monster wall design I’m going to paint (attempt) these holidays! The rectangle shape is where the door is.


Book Launch!

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of launching my new children’s picture book A Simply Spectacular hat, written by the fantabulous Libby Gleeson. Thank you to Vanessa C,…


A Shot of Black no. 6

This weeks instalment of A Shot of Black, heartache’s a b#^*h.


A Shot of Black no. 5

Next instalment of A Shot of Black. I’ve won a year subscription to the comic website Sherpa so I will be developing this comic strip further over…


A Shot of Black for this week no. 3

Here is A Shot of Black for this week. Enjoy! I’m recovering from a huge weekend away with The Australian Cartoonists’ Association. Had a highly entertaining time and…


A Shot of Black no. 2

Hope you like my weekly Shot of Black. I’m off to meet a roomful of comedians with pens!


A new cartoon… mebbe no. 1

Hulloooo out there! I’ve noticed quite a few visitors here, so thought I’d try out a new cartoon character idea I’m toying with. Feedback would be most welcome……


Big update!

If you’re wondering why my site has gone a little nutty mcbutty, I’ve just spent almost the WHOLE week updating all of it *eeeek*. I’m hoping maybe this…


New children’s book in production

So as you can see I have been busy! This is a big one, special special special. I yam excited. Here is the cover of A Simply Spectacular…


A year gone – whooosh!

The thing about websites is when you’re busy, you just don’t have time to update your own website. Here is the new cover for Ten Yellow Banana’s written…