This may sound terribly simple of me, but ever since I can remember I have drawn just for the sake of pure enjoyment. I have all these images in my head, no words. I don’t remember reading much at all as a child, which is probably a terrible thing to admit these days with the whole push about the importance of reading for children. I did read madly from high school onwards if that makes those people who have just taken a gasp of horror feel better.

I grew up in a relatively normal home by today’s standards. Mum, Dad, big bro Darren and my little Sydney Silky Terrier named Scamp. Lived in a house in the ‘burbs’, went to only 2 different primary schools, and the same high school for the whole 6 years. My most vivid memory is drawing. I drew all the time, and mainly people. I usually made them up, I can’t explain why. I still love to draw people or character designs.

I notice my daughter Rosabella is the same. She wakes up in the morning absorbed in her own imaginary world drawing all manner of things. My son Connor tends to enjoy more of a variety of things and is musically inclined, which is also very exciting for me to watch.

A reassuring note to worried parents out there, television did not seem to dampen my imagination at all. I loved TV! Couldn’t get enough of it. I even went so far as to draw up a timetable to squeeze in homework between all my favourite shows. I must have watched alot of rubbish, as we only had 2 (yes 2!) channels, and we didn’t have many kid’s shows like today.

Favourites included Countdown (music) on a Sunday night, Hanna Barbera cartoons, Mash, The Goodies, The Kenny Everett show (which I must mention, all the innuendo’s went straight over my head). Dr Who, I tried to watch it but it gave me nightmares… hey I was only little. Can’t even watch scary stuff now. Sad isn’t it?

I was also entertained by my Dads favourites, such as Dads Army, The Two Ronnies, Porridge… Some of his music collection, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, even Nina Simone! What a mixture, but all wonderful, he gave me a good start. Thanks Dad, miss you.

I went through the usual teenage rebellion of choosing my own rubbish for a while, growing up in the 80’s can have some serious daggy side effects which still linger today! Pseudo Echo, Flock of Seagulls, Uncanny Xmen (if you’re not Australian, I promise you it isn’t worth finding out about these guys unless you’re up for a laugh) etc. However, I also enjoyed INXS, Violent Femmes, Fine Young Cannibals, The Cure, The Smiths, Bronski Beat, Prince… so many to write and not enough time right now.