This may sound terribly simple of me, but ever since I can remember I have drawn just for the sake of pure enjoyment. I have all these images in my head.

I grew up in a relatively normal home by today’s standards. Mum, Dad, big bro Darren and my little Sydney Silky Terrier named Scamp. Lived in a house in the ‘burbs’, went to only 2 different primary schools, and the same high school for the whole 6 years. My most vivid memory is drawing. I drew all the time, and mainly people. I usually made them up, I can’t explain why. I still love to draw people or character designs.

A reassuring note to worried parents out there, television did not seem to dampen my imagination at all. I loved TV! Couldn’t get enough of it. I even went so far as to draw up a timetable to squeeze in homework between all my favourite shows. I must have watched a lot of rubbish, as we only had 2 (yes 2!) channels, and we didn’t have many kid’s shows like today.

Favourites included Countdown (music) on a Sunday night, Hanna Barbera cartoons, Mash, The Goodies, The Kenny Everett show (which I must mention, all the innuendo’s went straight over my head). Dr Who, I tried to watch it but it gave me nightmares… hey I was only little. Can’t even watch scary stuff now. Sad isn’t it?

I was also entertained by my Dads favourites, such as Dads Army, The Two Ronnies, Porridge… Some of his music collection, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, even Nina Simone! What a mixture, but all wonderful, he gave me a good start. Thanks Dad, miss you.

I went through the usual teenage rebellion of choosing my own rubbish for a while, growing up in the 80’s can have some serious daggy side effects which still linger today! Pseudo Echo, Flock of Seagulls, Uncanny Xmen (if you’re not Australian, I promise you it isn’t worth finding out about these guys unless you’re up for a laugh) etc. However, I also enjoyed INXS, Violent Femmes, Fine Young Cannibals, The Cure, The Smiths, Bronski Beat, Prince…