‘Dust’ shortlisted for Best Picture Book!

If you want to read in more detail about how I drew the vultures, take a look at my about page 🙂

Update! Dust won Honour book. Hurray 🙂 Thanks to everyone taking a curious peek at my site. I am so pleased to see such interest in Dust. So far Colin tells me the book has raised $70000! $120 000! Wow! I understand for some this is a very sad book, however, it touches on a reality of life, and I felt it was rather gentle in introducing this stark subject to children. Please don’t be shy, feel free to write some comments up here.

The Children’s Book Council of Australia announced their 2007 shortlist awards for children’s publishing recently. The book Dust has been shortlisted for Best Picture Book of the Year. This is the book I donated an illustration to, Vultures. Congratulations to Colin Thompson (author), the ABC (publisher), and the 12 fellow illustrators.

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  1. love the pic 😉

  2. this book really touched my heart. at school we are doing a unit called Dust and are studing the pictures in the book for assignments. the book takes you back to reality and shows you about othr places not just were you live. i love this pic:-):-);-)

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