I have always drawn. It’s that simple. I sometimes feel sad for any young people when they don’t have a definitive idea of what they truly like to do. I would have been lost without art. Of course growing up in the 80’s it was all about what career you were going to pursue. When anyone showed some talent in anything arty, they would be advised to go for a career in graphic design. Who wants to be a starving artist and become famous only after they’ve gone insane and cut off an ear or died – this was what most career advisors thought of Fine Art.

I sometimes wonder where I would be now if I had chosen Fine Art instead… I can’t begrudge my advisors though, graphic design has proved to be a great skill to use throughout my life so far. I can also practice fine art in my own time.

My first step was to do work experience in Year 10 with a publisher, Scholastic Australia. I was hooked. I think I drove them a little nuts as I kept asking them questions, although I was a bit shy and overwhelmed. All these very hip designers with the knowledge of what clothes to wear and what music to listen to. They called me in for paid work in the school holidays, this was great fun, and I had money! I went on to do my HSC, then entered a private graphic design course with Billy Blue School. After about 4 – 5 months, a junior graphic design position came up and Scholastic contacted me to ask if I’d like to apply. I jumped at the chance as I was constantly being told it was so difficult to get a job, and even harder if I started looking at the same time everyone else had graduated from their courses. I landed the job.  It’s interesting how the cycle has returned, and again there is so much pressure on the youth to choose well, yet so many people in their mid-years are changing careers at the same time!

So I was on my way… I even started with cut and paste… BEFORE computers! Pic is from days at school, I’m the one with the flash white sunnies.